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How do I transfer my recipes from MasterCook to Living Cookbook?

To transfer your recipes from MasterCook, please try the following:

Exporting your recipes from MasterCook

  1.  Run MasterCook.
  2. Select a cookbook.
  3. On the File menu select Export and Mail.
  4. Select a target folder for the export file (top of the window).
  5. Select MX2 (preferred) or MXP as the export file format.
  6. Select "Single File" (bottom of the window) and enter a name for the export file.
  7. Click Export.
  8. Close MasterCook.

Importing your recipes into Living Cookbook

  1. Run Living Cookbook.
  2. On the File menu select Import.
  3. Select the MasterCook export file you created above and click Open.
  4. Review the data you are about in import and uncheck any recipes that you don't want to import.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter a name for your imported cookbook (e.g. "My MasterCook Recipes") in the New Cookbook box.
  7. Click Next. Your file import will begin.

This procedure works with all versions of MasterCook.

Living Cookbook can't import MCF, MCP and other native MasterCook files directly because they are proprietary binary files. Until ValuSoft (the current owners of MasterCook) publishes the file specifications, it is not possible to decode and import the files. As soon as they publish the file specifications we will add new import modules to Living Cookbook to support those file types.